Sunday, September 11, 2011


Two years ago, Shelley made her first attempt at putting together a team of walkers for the annual Memory Walk. We didn't start early enough, and then we got busy with so many things that we ended up having Billy, Shelley, two of Shelley's friends, and me walking. I had big time knee issues that year, so I only made it a mile. Last year we were unable to do it all because of other commitments. This year, Shelley has put a good deal of work into planning, her husband, Andrew, has designed a t-shirt, and we are so excited about the walk in October.

This year, Team BK is a reality with several people joining the team, and we hope more will donate. If you've read my previous posts, you know how passionate I am about promoting research and awareness for this disease. If you're in the area, we would love for you to join our team! If you are unable to walk, we would appreciate ANY donation you can make. With the handy-dandy link to the right, you can get to my donation page with one click. (By the way, my technology skills are improving greatly with this blog.)

It's been a busy weekend in the Knowles' world, and at this moment it looks to end well as the Cowboys are ahead in the 3rd quarter! However, the Cowboys sometimes disappoint me in the 4th quarter.

Yesterday, we made a quick trip to Burleson (where Billy was raised and graduated from high school) to attend the funeral of a man that Billy held in high regard. Billy's best friend since high school is Ronnie Bryant, and his dad, Liston, passed away on Tuesday. Billy grew up without a father, and many times he told me that Liston Bryant was a wonderful positive role model throughout his teen years. His funeral was attended by hundreds, and it was an honor to be a part of those close to his family.

I believe I mentioned before how much Billy enjoyed swimming about 6 or 8 weeks ago. We took him swimming again last weekend at Shelley's in-laws, and all this weekend, he's been grabbing his swim trunks every time we get ready to leave the house. I've had to say over and over, "We are not going swimming. We're going to the store/church/restaurant/etc." I've managed to keep my sense of humor, but I'm ready for Monday.

Thank you for continued prayers and encouragement. I appreciate you reading this blog, and I will write until I run out of words.

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  1. Thanks for continuing to share your journey Kathy. You certainly are an inspiration to many - certainly to me. Larry and I think about you and BJ often. I pray that God will provide everything you need in abundance and to his glory.