Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We received a great report from the oncologist today! Mom had two tumors in her abdomen (ovarian cancer but Mom had a total hysterectomy two years ago - another story for another day) when she began chemo treatments. The larger tumor was about 6cm in diameter. The scan from Monday showed that this tumor has now shrunk to 1cm. The other is gone! Praise God! She has two more rounds of chemo, and the doctor feels that will take care of what is left of this tumor. She has no new tumors, and we are thrilled. Chemo is getting rough as it does, but Mom is a tough lady. She's a prim, proper, gentle lady, but she is tough on the inside. She's my model for strength. 

My dad will see the neurologist tomorrow, and I'm anxious to hear about that visit. I wish I could attend all of their appointments, but it's just not possible. Please keep them in your prayers as you have.  We appreciate them and love you for caring. 

I sat with Billy while he ate his dinner tonight, and he looked around the dining room and said, "I like this place." 

Sweet dreams!


  1. Wonderful news about your mom. I hope your dad's doctor visit went well. And I know it's comforting to you that Billy likes 'this place'...keeping your family in my prayers.

  2. I am new into reading on Alzhimers today. It all started with a followers list I seen from Romance of Rosses to be led to read Of Dolores's husband and then to go to Sandra's list. To find your page. I am thrilled to hear of your Mom and same praying all goes well with your dad.

    Our family has gone through Alzheimers with my Mom and my daughter with her Father in-law. So I was prompt in my spirit to vist you. My prayers are with you. I will plan to follow you. I am just learning to do videos. I use Logitech with my webcam. It is trick. I will get there. Not sure how to do the minutes. I guess five is fine as I did one minute. Waste of time. Once I got 15 then tried again. It was too large it asked me to slice it. Well that was hopeless. I cut half out. Any advise will be so appreciated. I am in the dark. God bless you sister in the Lord.