Monday, October 17, 2011


What a wonderful day we had on Saturday! The annual Memory Walk took place at Trinity Park in Fort Worth, and Team BK was present with 27 proud walkers. Shelley did a fabulous job of organizing and getting the word out. I think I mentioned that we walked two years ago and had four in our group and raised $25. Now we know more about what to do in preparation, and we will only go up from here. Of the walkers, our son-in-law's entire immediate family walked with us. Shelley is blessed with her second family, and we are blessed to know them. My aunt who is 71 and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's walked with us and never missed a beat. My sister and brother-in-law walked and pulled their little ones in a wagon. I could go on and on, but I'll just say...Thank You to all! 27 walkers and close to $1400 this year. Praise God!

I'm posting some pictures of the event. Our son-in-law, Andrew, designed the t-shirt, my dear friend, Deb Cano and her husband Larry, owners of Cano Electric sponsored our group and purchased the t-shirts, and many of you gave and gave and gave! We are honored and humbled by so many. I was amazed at how much the walk has grown in two years - many more people walked, and many more people are affected by this disease.

Those of you who know me well know that I am not known as a person prone to giddiness, but I am very close to being giddy! On Thursday, I will fly to Midland and meet two of my very dear friends, Kathy and Rhonda, and we will leave for the mountains of New Mexico on Friday for a relaxing girls' weekend. I have not been away from Billy since 2008, and I'm nervous about being away now. However, I need some time away for his sake and mine. Shelley will be with her dad one night, and then he'll spend the weekend with his sister, Cindy. She is looking forward to having him, and he will enjoy the time with her.

We still have concerns about my mom who has had many tests and must have some more. After several tests, she has been cleared of cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries, uterus, and lungs. The PET scan did show another tumor in her abdomen, and the search continues. Please keep her in your prayers. She had two days of testing last week, and then on Friday, my dad had an epidural steroid injection in his hip. We hope and pray that his pain is lessened soon.

Thank you for you unwavering support of our family. Your prayers are felt and appreciated.


  1. Great post. Kathy, I remember the very first walk Mike and I did was the year he was diagnosed. That was 2001 and only the two of us walked. We donated $100 so we could get the T-shirt (which Courtney recently found). It sounds like your team will grow bigger and bigger and make more money each year (YEAH!!) I LOVE the pictures. Thanks for sharing.